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Click Here to Donate With Our Online Giving Portal

Online Giving is now available to all St. Matthew Catholic Church members.   Online Giving provides the ability to donate gifts to the parish in a timelier, efficient, and environmentally-friendly manner.  This method helps simplify the offertory process by being a near-instant transaction, and because it's not using paper, it takes care of God's creation and the natural resources He provided for us.

The process is safe and secure, easy to use, and can be completed by parishioners at home.  The Online Giving tool is fully customizable to manage the complete online giving process and gives parishioners the freedom to give any time, and they can see their changes in real-time.

Online Giving implements the safest and most up-to-date security standards for online transactions.  This means you don't need to worry about lost checks, misplaced funds, or having personal information compromised. 

Online Giving doesn't require any special hardware or software -- all you need is an Internet connection.

Parishioner Benefits

  • Safe and secure
  • Online payments eliminate the need for writing checks
  • Financial planning allows donors to align offertory schedule with paychecks
  • Convenient for traveling parishioners and winter residents - electronic giving can be done from anywhere
  • Allows parishioners to easily adjust the amount of automatic contribution
  • Eliminates complications from lost envelopes or misplaced contributions

At the top and bottom of this page is the link to Online Giving. The front page of the login screen contains a video that will help you with creating a new login. Click on the video icon and it will walk you through all of the information and requirements for logins and passwords.  There is also a navigation tab for Online Giving Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for your use.

After you have logged in to Online Giving for the first time, you can use the direct link on the St. Matthew website home page navigation list on the left side of the page called "Online Giving Portal".


Special note about Annual Pastoral Appeal -

If you are making a donation to the Annual Pastoral Appeal (APA) or making a pledge for APA, please use the special Online Giving form here directly at the Diocese of St. Petersburg instead of the Online Giving portal here at St. Matthew Church.

Click Here to Donate With Our Online Giving Portal