St. Matthew

Catholic Church

Pastoral Council

pastoral council transpThe mission of the St Matthew Pastoral Council is to assist in realizing the mission statement of St Matthew Parish and to advance its spiritual growth.  The Pastoral Council shall provide a forum for parish members in order to deepen their involvement in the parish function and to unify the activities of the parish. Acting as a consultative body to the Pastor, the Pastoral Council, with God’s grace, will facilitate the continued growth of St Matthew’s as a people of faith.
As it participates in the mission of Jesus, the St Matthew’s Parish accomplishes its work in an organized and systematic way through effective working groups or Commissions. Although the Commissions can be defined as the working arm of the Pastoral Council, they are also responsible for visioning and planning for a specific area. These commissions make recommendations to the council and implement the council’s policies. Every effort will be made for effective two-way communication between the Pastoral Council and its Commissions. There are five commissions which operate in our parish. They consist of Community Life, Faith Formation, Justice and Service, Liturgy, Sacraments and Prayer, and Pastoral Care. The commission members are to be a prayerful group open to ongoing faith formation themselves. It is only through ongoing formation and study that a Commission can envision the possibilities for creating a vibrant parish. St Matthews Parish my wish to form additional Commissions at times, according to its needs, develop objectives and implement programs through their work.